Terms of Service

We at searchbyimage.org are quite conscious of the privacy of users. For that reason, these terms and conditions have been crafted so that our users may comprehend their interaction with the website. The users need to go through T&C to have a better understanding.

Terms of Use

The users need not be required to register or sign up for performing a search by image. Therefore, we would never want you to give us your personal details. We never share your details with any third-party source in any regard. The website will not be responsible if the data of the user is mishandled in any way around.

The users would have acknowledged that this website is about generating queries through images. You can perform an unlimited reverse image search. The website is only available to use as per the law and provisions. The website is not available to use if, in any case, you perform an activity that is against the law.

The website would not be responsible in any way around for content shared by other websites, which could be flagged as inappropriate. We continuously monitor the content which is shared by other sources but will not be responsible.

The user also needs to acknowledge that we will not modify, create, download or upload any content, which the user uploads.

Uploaded Files

The data which is uploaded by the user on our server is completely secure. Your data is not shared with any third-party source. Additionally, the user’s data is also not stored on our server. Right after you are done with the search results, the website deletes your input query. Your data is secured on our server, and we never compromise on it. Our dedicated team always works on the user’s security, and they ensure that it may not get into the hands of any unauthorized source.

It will be the user’s sole responsibility if they upload, download, transmit, transform the data. The content should be static visual content. The user cannot withdraw their submission. We possess the right to limit the submission by the user. We can also limit your usage of this website. If you search for an image that is confidential, we will not be responsible for any loss.

Liability and its Limitations

The website works in synchronization with a content-based image retrieval system. The utility will generate accurate results for you. It will omit irrelevant sources and would only show the images which are similar in some way or other. However, there might be slow processing due to an internet connectivity issue. For that reason, if you believe that processing is slow, then you need to check your internet connection.

Variations in Terms

The website possesses the right to alter and modify the terms and conditions at any time. We have the right not to notify the user. For that reason, you are advised to check the terms and conditions page on a regular basis. For third-party sources, you need to check their privacy policy and terms and conditions page. The privacy policy is also in correspondence with these terms and conditions.


After reading and agreeing with these T&C, you are bound in a legal agreement with searchbyimage.org. We never ask for the user’s credit card details or need them to pay for using the tool. We are always at your threshold for delivering quality service.

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